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access acoustic offers the solution to your noise problem

Measurement of sound pollution related to noise generated by air conditioning and ventilation equipment.

Design and modeling of acoustic treatment.

Calculation silent and antivibration pads.

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access acoustic - consultant in the treatment of noise and vibrationst

Internal Sound insulation advice

Acoustics within schools, offices, hospitals and even restaurants, where speech intelligibility is critical in ensuring the spaces are fit for purpose.

Noise Modelling

The noise modeling process involves collecting sound level and spectral frequency data for the sound sources that will be present, and constructing a fully three-dimensional computer model.

Industrial Noise Control

Access Acoustic offer noise monitoring, testing and consulting services for industrial facilities. Whatever your noise or vibration issue, Access Acoustic can help

Construction noise and vibration

Access Acoustic is experienced noise and vibration engineering consultant and can produce any necessary supplemental noise and vibration submittals, studies, plans and services for your construction project.

We prefer to use equipment with internal or external rechargeable batteries to reduce the use of conventional batteries.

We are looking for solutions with the lowest energy impact.

We prefer to describe french materials and local suppliers: short circuit and economic patriotism!

In Paris and in the inner suburbs, we encourage travel by public transport or shared.

We prefer to deliver dematerialized reports type pdf.